Biogas dome

  • More than 40 years’ experience with Biogas domes.
  • Available up to 5,000 m³.
  • This system is extremely suitable for the storage of biogas at pressures up to 60 mbar.
  • Used at many water treatment plants, landfills and agricultural biogas plants.
  • Double-membrane storage system.
  • Extensive advice for complex situations.

Our Biogas dome

Albers Alligator developed the Biogas dome 40 years ago for the storage of biogas and landfill gas. The Biogas dome is equipped with a double-membrane storage system whereby pressure in the outer chamber is provided to the inner chamber to maintain the desired pressure there. The dome is used at many water treatment plants, landfills and agricultural biogas plants (manure fermenters). Our Biogas dome is available for volumes up to 5,000 m³ and is particularly suitable for storing biogas at pressures up to 60 mbar.

Complex demands

High demands are placed on gas storage systems. Gas-tightness, service life and environmental aspects play a major role. The construction of the domes is often complex. Therefore, the material of the Biogas dome must be easy to process, have good kink resistance, meet many mechanical requirements and have good chemical stability. We have all the expertise in-house.

Strict requirements ensure good quality

Albers Alligator represents quality. Our employees have been trained in-house and are VCA certified. The plastics used comply with the strictest requirements. They are continually tested and processed using the most modern design, cutting and welding methods. Through the use of specially-designed machinery, Albers Alligator is always able to produce top-quality welded seams. The strength of these welded seams indicates the excellent quality that both you and we expect from the end product. A guarantee is provided on all our products.