Alligator L-tank

  • More than 25 years’ experience in L-tanks.
  • Suitable for the storage of all non-aggressive liquids.
  • Available up to 2,000 m³.
  • Can be installed on any stable, flat surface.
  • Available with various connections and equipped with an air vent opening.

Rapid or temporary liquid storage

The Alligator L-tank has a capacity of up to 2,000 m³ and is easy to install on any stable, flat surface. Its simple rectangular shape makes the L-tank a solution for situations when you need to store liquids rapidly or temporarily, particularly homogenous liquids. Due to its modest height, the L-tank does not dominate the landscape. We recommend using a protective layer underneath the L-tank whenever you want to install it on a hardened surface.

Reliable in all wind and weather conditions

The L-tank is equipped with an air vent opening and is available with various connections. The mechanical forces that arise during use in the L-tank are easily absorbed by the strong fabric. Based on strength calculations, the primary components such as material, welded seams and fixing points are dimensioned with very generous safety margins.

The polyester used is coated on both sides with PVC. For the storage of drinking water, an L-tank with a special quality plastic is available (the Alligator A-tank). We provide reliable advice on the installation, use, emptying and cleaning of the L-tank.

Dakartruck op Winbag | Albers Alligator

Strict requirements ensure good quality

Albers Alligator represents quality. Our employees have been trained in-house and are VCA certified. The plastics used comply with the strictest requirements. They are continually tested and processed using the most modern design, cutting and welding methods. Through the use of specially-designed machinery, Albers Alligator is always able to produce top-quality welded seams. The strength of these welded seams indicates the excellent quality that both you and we expect from the end product. A guarantee is provided on all our products.