We are standing in the parking lot of dairy producer “Den Eelder” in Wells in Gelderland and have just welcomed a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs from the Philippines. They have been invited and are supervised by PUM (Programma Uitzending Managers). We, Wout and Klaas, manure storage specialists at Albers Alligator, are going to give them a tour of a number of projects.

Enlist expert help via PUM
In the Philippines it sometimes still happens that animal manure ends up in the rivers and further nature. An undesirable situation. With the help of the PUM  solutions are being looked at, for example in the Netherlands, where we also live in a river delta with a high population density and a high level of welfare for both animals and people. We have been asked to present our manure storage products and explain their advantages and disadvantages to the Philippine visitors present today (from government organizations and cooperatives within the pig industry).

But first tea and coffee, after a pleasant welcome by Ernst van der Schans, owner and driving force behind the beautiful Den Eelder family business together with his wife Jacobien and their children.The Philippine delegation had already received the necessary brochures from Albers Alligator via PUM in advance, in order to be able to form an idea of ​​the solutions. Interest is in the Alligator Winbag and Alligator Bagtank. The questions that are asked are substantiated and often concern the application, assembly and workability, mixing options and resistance. The manure storage specialists at Albers Alligator; Klaas Wijbenga and Wout Engelbertink answer the questions appropriately and satisfactorily.

Winbags, Bagtanks and how strong are those bags?
At Den Eelder there are 2 large manure bags of more than 6000 m³ each and a manure basin of more than 10,000 m³. Questions are asked about the strength of the plastics used and our guests are therefore very surprised when Wout walks over the manure bag without hesitation. While thousands of farmers in Europe have been familiar with this for decades, it takes some getting used to for the people from the Philippines that you can walk over a large manure storage system.

After admiring the stables and livestock of the van der Schans family, we take the entire delegation to the nearby pig farm Bruvar B.V., where a truck happens to be loading manure. In the Netherlands, a sample must be taken to register the manure transport and safeguards in our Dutch systems. The friendly driver is asked all kinds of questions about the truck, the special tank trailer, the sampling system, etc.

Then we get a delicious lunch at the Van Zeelst family, from Boerengolf Hedel. The Pastor of the Franciscans from Den Bosch comes here by accident, who is received very enthusiastically by our Filipino friends! After lunch we take a detailed look at Van Arendonk’s Winbag (350 m³).

Good luck for the future
Albers Alligator looks back on a very enjoyable and instructive day. We hope that our Filipino colleagues can disseminate the knowledge gained here in the Netherlands and thus make the Philippines and the world a bit cleaner.We would like to thank Mr. Voets from PUM for his unbridled commitment and enthusiasm to highlighting Dutch business abroad and linking Dutch solutions to global issues.We would also like to thank Den Eelder Well, Bruvar Hedel, the family van Arendonk Herwijnen and the family van Zeelst for their hospitable reception.

Maraming tagumpay sa hinaharap!

Good luck in the future!


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